ConscienteMente is an space open to debate, reflection, and experience in feeling and living with consciousness and wisdom.

Cris Bolívar leads this space monthly, together with other guest speakers. Check the calendar.

ConscienteMente Talks


  • ConscienteMente begins. November ’12
  • «Awakening or staying asleep.» By Silvia Bou and Cris Bolívar. November ’12
  • «Walking towards detachment». By Silvia Bou and Cris Bolívar. December ’12



  • «Conscious Relationships». By Silvia Bou and Cris Bolívar. January ’13
  • «Wisdom of the Heart» by Macarena Palma. February ’13
  • «Resilience and love» By Cris Bolívar. March ’13
  • «Understanding our unconscious: Secrets and Messages.» By Silvia Bou. April ’13
  • «Worldview». By Marcel Cano (professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona). May ’13
  • “Finding the joy and fullness of life» by Silvia Bou. We take the opportunity to close the ConscienteMente cycle until September with a small celebration. June ’13
  • “Inner courage and power». By Cris Bolívar. Get rid of ghosts from the past, stay on track with perseverance and faith, driven by your wisdom, your care for yourself, your love … your inner power. September ’13
  • «The Enneagram as a tool for self-knowledge and essential development» by Cris Bolívar. The Enneagram is a model of egos that gives us a map of how to know ourselves, frees us from our traps and empowers us towards spiritual development, back to our essence and our inner wisdom. October ’13
  • First anniversary of ConscienteMente.We will celebrate it withArtísticaMente, born in November ’13.
  • “Journey through life towards 2014,» by Cris Bolívar. What is your “north star”? How to make it happen? What do we learn from the experience of walking towards our north star? Do we stay on the path? What does our inner wisdom tell us? December ’13



  • «Starting 2014 well: the importance and significance of energy balance.»  By Alessandra Verso and Cris Bolívar What is the energy system? How does it relate to the development of potential, consciousness and wisdom? How can we be connected with all our energy, without leaks no blocks? January ’14
  • «Wisdom applied to the real world.» By Cris Bolívar. What is wisdom? Why do we speak of it now? How can it help us? This talk will answer these questions in an effort to find new ways to be more complete as human beings, capable of tackling the modern world and forging a better personal, organisational and social world. February ’14
  • “Setting limits with assertiveness». By Cris Bolívar. Often blame, aggression, conflict, fear, etc. make it hard for us to set limits, but it’s unhealthy. We will explore how to set limits more wisely. March ’14.
  • “Conscious Freedom». By Cris Bolívar. Freedom is usually defined as “doing what you want” or “feeling untethered” … but true freedom is not material nor does it depend on the external. Real freedom is freedom to be yourself. April ’14.
  • «Epimeleia Heautou, or the art of self-care.» By Cris Bolívar. The idea of self-care, or in other words, epimeleia heautou in Greek, is the transformative path of spirituality. Epimeleia is an attitude of relationship with oneself, with others, with the world — a look at what one thinks and a way of being. It occurs through unlearning throughout life. Critical reformation leads people to free themselves from conditioning and become awake. May ’14.
  • “Illusory states of mind». By Xavier Guix ( Illusory states of mind are mental creations with which we identify. We believe them because they come wrapped in thoughts, but above all feelings. We feel everything.  The fact that we feel everything first-hand generates the idea ownership, a self that acts as receiver and interpreter of many emotions. All these things are happening to someone who, therefore, exists. And since he exists, he thinks. And since he thinks, he acts. And once he acts, he believes what he acts — he gets involve to the point that he becomes what he acts. But it has all been a game in his mind. Only that? It all ends there?  June ’14
  • “Regarding shadows and what we reject bout ourselves”. By Cris Bolívar. Knowing and accepting oneself is not an easy task. We often believe to be what our ego says we should be, rejecting and leaving our true potential in the shadows (by exerting judgement). Transcending judgement and embracing the shadow is the key to our journey of personal transformation to our essential being. July ’14.
  • “Regarding expectations». By Cris Bolívar. We need to imagine and anticipate the future to act with the illusion of certainty and control, the illusion that what is imagined is reality, otherwise… September ’14.
  • «The Kabbalah and the journey to essential being». By Mario Saban (writer, essayist, researcher and teacher. The Kabbalah leads us to self-knowledge, learning in which everyone can find their strengths and dark spots, through the ten dimensions of the Tree of Life, to a greater understanding of the reality around us and our condition as human beings. October ’14
  • «From a mechanistic to a systemic outlook». By Cris Bolívar. Our Western worldview often sees the world and its events mechanistically, from a rational mental framework where cause-effect is linear. However, most phenomena and events are part of complex systems. Having a systemic vision is vital to the evolution of consciousness. November ’14
  • «The emotionality of the crisis». By Stefania Stiscia. Our interpretation of reality and conscious choices and aligned with our essential being. December ’14


  • “Conscious eating and and Ayurveda». By Dani Marín. One of the findings of Ayurveda was that the quality and type of food we eat affect our thoughts (mind). January ’15
  • «Being from our inner silence». By Cris Bolívar. «Silence is the soul of being, while noise is the death of the soul.» (Cris Bolívar). February ’15
  • In ArtísticaMente, “Art as a coaching tool” workshop. An Essentiality and Appreciative look». With Cris Bolívar and Miriam Subirana. With CCE continuing education credits from the ICF. March ’15
  • «The power of the Enneagram». By Cris Bolívar. The Enneagram is a model of egos that facilitates self-knowledge and the essential transformation process. It is also a powerful tool applicable to coaching and companies. April ’15.
  • «The process of Being”. By Cris Bolívar. Understanding the process and stages, the difficulties and beauty of the process of a personal being, but also of an organisational or social being. May’15.
  • «From inner critic to the inner wisdom». By Cris Bolívar. June’15.
  • «What they are and what they tell us the archetypes». By Cris Bolívar & Jade Salvador.  July’15.


CineForum Cycle

Space for reflection and discussion after viewing a film and ensuing analysis, through different models or perspectives, such as the Enneagram, among other tools for interpreting and understanding.

  • «Divergent» — reflection and discussion of the film, this time through the Enneagram. August ’14
  • «Maleficent» — women’s issues, power, love and the stories we tell ourselves. September 14
  • «Avatar» — levels of consciousness, systemic outlook, wisdom, ego and essence … October ’14
  • «Lucy» — human potential, levels of consciousness, completeness and the concept of God … November ’14
  • “Origin” — the unconscious, reality and interpretation, the Conscious Self … January ’15
  • «Black Swan” — the Enneagram, polarity, rejection, disintegration of being … power, integration, the conscious self. February ’15



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