The essential outlook

We have used the Enneagram in our interventions for almost 20 years, as well as tools from the Psychology of Selves, the Voice Dialogue and Essential Coaching.

We thus ensure an in-depth and sustainable transformation that allows us to go from the trap of the ego to talent and achieve meta-results.

eneagrama y mariposa ale furvis

Our essential outlook emphasizes the integration of being. It is therefore not a matter of labelling a person through the Enneagram, but of recognising the ego so a person can distance themselves and start the development process towards wisdom. In the illustration (by Lumu) 0 represents the integration of all types and centres … it is the essence. Is the state of essentiality. When we are in the gift.

This is the process that makes a person feel more complete, integrated and harmonious, boosting growth in personal resources and developing potential and creativity.

It also facilitates more harmonious, flowing and conscious relationships, whether personal or professional.



The Enneagram is a powerful “ego” model oriented towards self-knowledge and development. It is an accrual of knowledge about human beings with the wealth of spiritual psychology accumulated by humankind.

The Enneagram is a human behaviour system or guide that outlines nine different types of personality styles, egos or

behavioural patterns. It provides information about the prevalent personality, features and cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling) and instinctual (acting) processes in each of the nine styles. It is one of the few models that provides a connection between personality and other levels of human capabilities.

The Enneagram — as a model for development in any individual — helps increase emotional intelligence because it allows identifying the various personalities that humans adopt from childhood and subsequently play a part in the effective development of our relationships with ourselves and with others, causing conflict and creating difficulties in personal, professional, individual or group projects.

From our essential outlook, which aims to go from ego to essence — to the gift — our line of work focusing on the Enneagram draws especially from two Enneagram schools: Riso’s Jesuit branch and Gurdjieff’s Sufi branch.


Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a technique for exploring sub-personalities or voices. It implies accepting as a model that there are different sub-personalities and ways of being within us that are the basis of our development and potential. For some, this implies a fragmentation of personality. But this model already assumes that personality is essentially already fragmented and it’s all a matter of becoming aware of this fragmentation or multiplicity of being (Jung’s Psychology of Selves), to make valid choices for our lives based on that conscious self (“Embracing our selves – The voice dialogue manual – The internationally acclaimed process that reveals the richness of your full being”. Hal Stone & Sidra Winkelman.)

A person is therefore considered in the multiplicity of his/her voices or energies, the integration of them all and the creation of a Conscious Self who acts as an orchestra conductor, allowing greater harmonization of being to facilitate the achievement of meta-results, at a personal, organizational or social level.


armonia alma

Essential Coaching

The intervention style is grounded in Essential Coaching (individual, group or team) that facilitates consciousness and the process of development, integration and harmonisation of our being.

Essential Coaching (Cris Bolívar, 2005) develops human potential at the deepest level, steering a person towards greater consciousness, developing potential, addressing essence, uniqueness, breaking the boundaries of the ego to re-create people using wisdom generated to reach meta-results.    




panoramica cse 24 mayo'15

We are pleased to present something unique, a tool created by Cris Bolívar and Thomas Juste, born from the integration of the Constellations, the Enneagram and Essential Coaching.

The SEC represent a powerful way to experience the power of the Enneagram.

Configuraciones Sistemicas Eneagramaticas estreno 26-2-15 2 PEQUE

In an interview on Wired (1996) Steve Jobs said: «Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.»

The Systemic Enneagram Configurations (SEC)  are structural constellations and therefore they involve and work with the relationships between the elements of the systems. In the case of the CSE, working in the Enneagram domain means to constellate all elements in the cosmos, in the process, in the Being, hence its enormous illuminating and unveiling power.

DEFINITION (Cris Bolívar and Thomas Juste, 2015)

«Spatial outlook of the elements and energies in systemic relationship within the enneagram reality*.»

* (Enneagram Reality which includes the model of reality intended both as psychological reality and evolutionary process reality).


The SEC are designed to provoke insight and comprehension in depth, thus achieving greater awareness and power of transformation.

Work integrating being and / or relevant aspects of the project / issue presented, embracing the shadow  with acceptance, to build a less ego-based reality, allowing to take clearer decisions and ultimately wiser, to help us reach meta-results easily.


Coaches, professionals, managers, etrepreneurs and general people who are interested in working on theit projects, diagnose situations, raise their awareness level to improve or broaden perspective and perceive where the levers for change are, to bring the system and its components towards a better place, where operating and finding solutions is easier.

To constellate and attend to a session, it is not required to have previous information about enneagram, constellations or essential coaching.


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Companies are constantly faced with new challenges, which they need to tackle with creativity and talent. By understanding who we are in all our potential we enhance the development of other possibilities of being that help us reach meta-results, optimise efforts and achieve high-performance teamwork.

The Enneagram is a powerful personality model geared towards self-knowledge which can be used as a relational map. 


    1. Knowing what the Enneagram is and possibilities for application in the company.
    2. Facilitating the recognition of features of different enneatypes.
    3. Fostering self-knowledge and personal and professional growth.
    4. Facilitating relationships and empathy.


    • Enneagram for groups.
    • Enneagram for sales forces.
    • Enneagram for leaders and managers.
    • Working groups.

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  • Small groups. «The Enneagram as a path to the essential being”, weekly groups where people work in-depth to
    • facilitate self-recognition of the characteristics of our ego to dissociate from it.
    • Facilitate recognition of different enneatypes in ourselves.
    • Provide support on the path of self-knowledge and self-development, transcending the ego and integrating the different enneatypes that contribute to our gift.

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  • The Enneagram is a powerful model for coaching work. Its impact is intensified when combined with the Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue. At Essential Institute we use tools from these disciplines and models to achieve the essential transformation that takes us from ego to essence.
    • Training and hands-on experience in Enneagram for coaches who want to use the Enneagram in their own development as coaches.
    • Training and hands-on experience in Enneagram for coaches who want to use the Enneagram as a coaching tool.


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  • Certified training for people who wish to be Enneagram professionals.


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Cris Bolivar -italia sept'14 pequeCris Bolívar 



Teacher-Spanish-2015 Cris BolivarCris Bolívar es la primera española Master Certified Coach por la International Coach Federation, USA. 2004


Systemic Enneagram Configurations (SEC) co-facilitated with Tomás Juste:

foto tomas juste

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from he International Coach Federation, Master in Conflict Solving, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming at “Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming”, Bangalore (India). Trained in Structural Constellations by Geiser (Guillermo Echegaray and Sabine Klenke) and Essential Coach by Essential Institute. Introduction to Enneagram at Essential Institute.

Following his professional experience since 2004 and willing to encourage human resource optimization processes, he is currently working as a professional coach for organizations and constellation facilitator.

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All the Enneagram interventions are aligned with the standards and values of the IEA (International Enneagram Association) who declare:

  1. Fundamentally, the Enneagram is an instrument for self-knowledge and personal transformation.
  2. We can be a source of support to each other.
  3. We allow others to identify themselves on their own.
  4. The Enneagram does not fully describe an individual.
  5. The Enneagram is an important tool for building compassion.
  6. The Enneagram is a developing discipline.
  7. No individual owns the Enneagram.
  8. The Enneagram drives us to pursue the path of transformation.



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