ESSENTIAL COACHING develops human potential at the deepest level, addressing its essence, its uniqueness, breaking the boundaries of the ego to re-create people using wisdom generated through the expansion of consciousness to get meta-results.
(Cris Bolívar, 2005)

Cris Bolívar, Essential Coaching's creator



What is Essential Coaching?

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We support and drive personal, organisational and social transformation processes, facilitating the development of consciousness, learning and potential through Essential Coaching. We specialise in developing potential and emotional intelligence, building on the essence of the person/professional or organisation.




  • Learning about yourself and better understanding the behaviour of other people and situations. With more distance, acceptance and flexibility. Among other things, this will allow you to enjoy healthier and more authentic relationships, and to make wiser decisions, which will give you more wise and benefit.
  • Connecting with your existential motivation (life purpose – the polar star), source of all the energy you need to achieve any project in your life.
  • Training you to see more possibilities. This will allow you to choose the most interesting options in any situation.
  • Learning how to manage your emotions with more balance and harmony in contact with your intern wise.
  • Enhancing your time management, achieving more efficiency, without suffering because of the effort, flowing.
  • Learning to give yourself space for personal care, rest and entertainment, which will refill your energy, to become more focused and centered on whatever you do.
  • Definitely, it helps to reconnect with own essential self, to transcend your ego and manage your own life in a more wise and harmonic way, in contact with your talent and potential.


Coaching Services

For Business: Corporative Coaching / Manager / Executive

  • Essential Coaching for Teams.
  • Essential Coaching Training Programs.
  • Individual Essential Coaching sessions for managers, executives, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Essential Coaching programs for Leader-Coaches and Internal Coaches.
  • Programs for implementing Essential Coaching and Coaching Culture in organisations.


What does coaching culture involve?
1. Organisation-wide coaching philosophy.
2. Coaching style for leaders and managers in general and mentors.
3. Coaching role for internal coaches and involvement of external coaches.
4. Permanent coaching training and refresher training. Mentor-coach.
5. Introduction of team coaching and coaching for all levels of the organization.
6. etc.

  •  Coaching bag:

WHAT IS A COACHING BAG? A resource available to the organisation that optimises the cost and efficiency of the coaching tool. A fee is applied based on previously agreed conditions based on estimated coaching volume for a specified period of no less than one year. Flexibility in resource use by any member authorised by the organisation. Possibility of renewal and extension with advantageous terms. Payment convenience and simplicity with a single invoice with a fixed, pre-determined monthly fee.


For individuals - Counselling y Life Coaching

  • Individual Essential Coaching sessions for:
    • individuals
    • couples
    • families
    • educators
    • entrepreneurs
    • artists
    • athletes
    • counsellors
    • consultants, etc.
  • Essential Coaching for groups.
  • Essential Coaching training programs for becoming a facilitator and promoter of personal transformation.
  • Examples of useful applications for Essential Coaching: – Career change, career self-management and re-focusing. – Expansion of consciousness, personal development. – Improved interpersonal relationships. – Decision-making processes. – Lack of motivation. – Skill development. – etc.

For Coaches

 Supervision and mentoring for ACC, PCC and MCC, by Cris Bolívar, MCC and Mentor-Coach by the ICF.

COACHING INTERNSHIP agreement with the City of Barcelona-Porta22, whereby Essential Institute student-coaches can carry out coaching internships.


Coaching for teaching

  • Coaching programs for developing the teaching coach and teaching teams.
  • Teacher training programs and workshops: «The role of teacher-coach», «Skills and coaching development», “From tutor to coach»


Coaching for artists

  • Coaching for artists.



  • Managerial coaching and training workshops and programs consultant-coaches.
  • Teacher training programs and workshops: «The role of teacher-coach», «Skills and coaching development», “From tutor to coach»


Virtual Coaching - phone/online

  • Virtual training and support for coaching programs and sessions: Telephone and online support for both programs and company training and for individuals.



Essential Coaching by Cris Bolívar has been listed among the top contributions of coaching psychology throughout the twentieth century, together with references to Freud, Wilber, Rogers, Seligman, Goleman, etc. in the FOCAD (Spanish General Council of Psychology) Psychology course.

Access to full document available only to enrolled students:


The course has also been recognised by Vikki Brock, who has noted that it ranks as a leading, pioneering and special coaching method, due to its in-depth approach and its reliance on the five great sources of coaching: Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Art and Business. 

«Vikki Brock, MCC since 1998 by the ICF, is the author of Sourcebook of Coaching History. The book is the largest study ever conducted on the origins and evolution of coaching, a comprehensive review of the historical roots of coaching and the influence of its pioneers.” (International Coach Federation, ICF)

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