At Essential Institute we research to generate applied knowledge related to Essentiality.

Areas of intervention

  • teaching: collaboration in projects on «Education for Being».
  • company: research on Wisdom in the company.
  • society: research project on anthropology and Essential Coaching.

Other areas in which we research



Focuses on trends and contributions of use to Essentiality.


  • IFCE Laboratory (Instrumentos Facilitadores del Coaching Esencial — Instruments Facilitating Essential Coaching). Directed by Cris Bolívar. Coordinated by Xavier Martí.

The project aims to create and develop instruments to facilitate Essential Coaching (IFCE), i.e. instruments beyond coaching in itself facilitating the transformation process from an Essential standpoint.
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  • Educating for Being: Research for the creation of a school with core values.
  • Wisdom and business: Studies in organisations from different industries.
  • Anthropology and Essential Coaching: Focus group in collaboration with the University of Barcelona.




Focus group de "Antropología y Coaching Esencial" en Essential Institute, moderado por Patrick Baneton. 2013.