Formación, talleres, conferencias ... para la transformación personal, organizacional y social.We work with a participatory methodology and in many cases hands-on learning to involve participants and impact them from the cognitive, emotional and behavioural standpoints, but above all, tailored to the objectives of the client and our target group.

Thus, learning not only takes place in the classroom, but can be put into practice and serves as a basis for continuous improvement.

To ensure strong training, learning new concepts, theories and management tools is important. But it is also important to acquire or develop key competencies that facilitate success in the professional role. But for learning to be complete, we still must go further and consider the values framing a particular style or professional performance.

Logo-Ess-TrainingThe pedagogical model on which we base our workshops and seminars takes into account these three axes and focuses on them in a holistic and integrated manner to achieve solid training, focused on results and geared towards unlearning for people to “learn to learn”. A third order learning or epistemological (further than two level model of Argyris) focus on learning to be.



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