Durante la II Semana Internacional de Coaching de la ICF 2013, en Essential Institute (by Cris Bolívar)

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  • Essential Coaching in the company
  • The art of applying the Enneagram to Essential Coaching
  • Self-confidence
  • Conscious interpersonal relationships
  • Engagement or passion for work
  • The path toward fulfilment
  • Kabbalah and Essential Coaching
  • Being an entrepreneur today
  • Self-confidence
  • Being from our inner silence
  • Making decisions without fear
  • Essential and resonant leadership
  • Journey through life using our inner wisdom
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  • The art of asking in Essential Coaching
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Are you resilient?
  • Wisdom today
  • Enneagram for companies
  • Synthetic vision for organisations
  • How to develop your potential to achieve results today
  • Beyond emotional intelligence
  • Management of our own change through flow and inner wisdom
  • Advaita philosophy applied to Essential Coaching
  • Energy and essence balance


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