Essentiality as an outlook

At Essential Institute we believe that the key to personal, organisational and social transformation is reconnecting with our essentiality, transcending the ego or social mask from which we rigidly project ourselves. Passing from judgment to acceptance, from fear to trust, and loving as a catalyst to transformation. From the ego to the essence.

We believe in spirituality as wisdom, like the integration and harmony of different energies or voices of the Being — whether the personal, organisational or social being. This allows us to go from potential to action through a path of consciousness which makes our Being wiser, freer, more self-realised, and better integrated in the world, with more satisfying relationships.


At Essential Institute, we investigate and work to foster a return to Essentiality. We develop applied knowledge to enhance the process of transformation in individuals and organisations in various social environments. We generate services, training, coaching and consulting services stemming from this essential outlook to achieve a deep and sustainable transformation that allows our client to enjoy meta-results.

El sentido espiritual de la Esencialidad (Cris Bolívar, 2009)

The BUTTERFLY as a symbol of Essential Transformation, transformation of the soul.

nace luz crisalida The butterfly is the only living organism capable of completely changing its genetic structure during the transformation process. The DNA of the caterpillar that enters the chrysalis is different from the DNA of the butterfly that emerges. It is thus the symbol of total transformation.

The butterfly represents a liberation, and it also represents courage. It takes courage to carry out the necessary tranformation in our process of develop. It is related to the air and mental powers.

Moksha gives life to our butterfly. In Sanskrit, the word moksha means spiritual liberation, salvation or emancipation of the soul. (Illustration by Leo Lumu)


To do this, we use tools and methodologies that help us go beyond what is being achieved so far to attain meta-results by flowing vs. stressing. We thus facilitate the expansion of our consciousness, wisdom and sustainable transformation, as the basis of wellbeing and personal, organisational and social fulfillment.





Commitment to boosting the itegration between intuition and reason, between self, others and the world, based strategic creativity.


Customer-orientation and establishing bonds of mutual satisfaction, respect, honesty and integrity of our actions.


This value is pivotal in the quest for effective solutions, from the rigour of our strategically focused approaches to obtaining meta-results.


Essentiality, the model we have developed and the hallmark of Essential Institute, draws from fromative authors, sources and disciplines: philosophy, psychology and spirituality applied to Essential transformation. And it creates, in turn, a unique vocabulary and focus on intervention.


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  • Acceptance. Loving, not arguing with reality.
  • Loving. Energy of acceptance, non-judgment.
  • Assential Audit. To study Essentiality levels.
  • Essential Coaching. It develops human potential at the deepest level, addressing its essence, its uniqueness, breaking the boundaries of the ego to re-create people using wisdom generated through the expansion of consciousness to get meta-results. (Cris Bolívar, 2005)
  • Consciousness. Awake state.
  • Confidence. Surrender, faith, state of non-fear.
  • Essential Consulting. Consulting geared toward developing the organisational Being.
  • Worldview. Worldview, and view of ourselves.
  • Chronos. Conventional time.
  • Organisational Development. Discipline that facilitates the development of organisations as individuals organising in processes.
  • Gift. Talent of the ego when not trapped.
  • Ego. Personality, mask, primary energies that protect our wounds and vulnerability.
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  • Essence. The Being we are, our chances of being, our actions and potential.
  • Essentiality. Philosophy and outlook proposed by the Essential Institute (by Cris Bolívar) focusing on reconnecting with and expressing our essence.
  • Spirituality. Non-duality, connecting with all that we are and how we manifest it.
  • North star. Within you, it guides you, steers you … but you do not have to reach it.
  • Flowing. With equanimity, without reactivity, stemming from the fullness of being in balance with life.
  • Essential Research. Geared towards developing Essentiality.
  • Kairos. Flowing with the process, with life, with opportunity.
  • Fear. The opposite of acceptance, love.
  • Essential focus. Focus on our essence, the possibilities of the Being we are.
  • World. What is out there.
  • Levers for change. Concept used in Coaching and Essential Consulting. Something that brings great change with little effort.
  • Paradigm. Outlook, worldview, set of beliefs from which we see and interpret.
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  • Presence. Being in the here and now, in connection with what occurs and when it occurs.
  • Process. Life, change, flow … permanently, constantly.
  • Wisdom. Represents the integration of our vision of the self, others and the world. Represents the integration of left hemisphere functions (operational, analytical, pragmatic, rational, focus) and the right hemisphere (global, intuitive, relational, synthetic, creative).
  • In this integration, which in the brain occurs in the corpus callosum (connecting the two hemispheres), is the key to maximising our given potential.
  • System. Elements that interact.
  • Essential Training. Training aimed at developing essentiality.
  • Trap. Stiffened ego, acting out of judgment and fear.
  • Transformation. Process of developing our own essence and harnessing our potential.
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Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Arts & Business applied to personal, organisational and social transformation

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  • Transpersonal Psychology.
  • Holistic philosophy and Eastern spirituality, meditation, advaita, Kabbalah and Sufi mysticism.
  • Psychology of Selves and Jungian archetypes.
  • Hegel’s concept of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.
  • Hermeneutics of Gadamer and Foucault.
  • Transgenerational Psychology and Psychomagic.
  • Heidegger’s existentialism.
  • Lacan’s psychoanalysis.
  • The levels of consciousness model of Beck’s Integral Spiral Dynamic.
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  • Enneagram as a model of egos.
  • Organisational development and process consulting.
  • Ken Wilber, Humberto Maturana, Osho, etc.
  • Psychological and social constructivism.
  • Art (the beautiful and the sublime).
  • Stone’s Voice Dialogue.



    • bases coaching esencial

Vikki Brock has noted that it ranks as a leading, pioneering and special coaching method, due to its in-depth approach and its reliance on the five great sources of coaching: Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Art and Business. 

“Vikki Brock, MCC since 1998 by the ICF, is the author of Sourcebook of Coaching History. The book is the largest study ever conducted on the origins and evolution of coaching, a comprehensive review of the historical roots of coaching and the influence of its pioneers.” (International Coach Federation, ICF)

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