Captura de pantalla 2015-09-05 a las 21.06.51The people at the heart and soul of Essential Institute are focused on reaching greater consciousness levels for them and for our clients — with rigour, with heart, offering their wisdom and experience without reservations.

We boast an international, very experienced and highly specialised, network-structured team to provide at all times the know-how and team profile that best suits the needs of each project and customer.
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Advantages of a networked team:

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  • Involves greater speed.
  • Allows system integration.
  • Leads to high-level synergies.
  • Reduces overhead.
  • Allows greater creativity and staying ahead of the curve.
  • Experts focus their energy on projects and results for the customer.
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  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
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Network of partners

  • Alessandra Verso (reiki and energy therapies. Afroyin – personal growth through movement)
  • Ana Costas (creativity and art)
  • Antón Layunta (creativity and communication)
  • Carlomoreno Volpini, Italy. Composer and orchestra conductor (awareness development through music, leadership).
  • Carlos Sánchez – E-motiva (climate, culture and values)
  • Daniel Marín. Essential Coach ACC, ICF
  • Irene Garzón. Essential Coach (Art applied to personal growth)
  • Itamar Rogovsky – GR, Tel-Aviv, Israel (organisational development)
  • Joan Quintana – Relational Institute (organisational development and relationship coaching)
  • José Antonio Lavado (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Juan Carlos Arrese, Madrid (wisdom, spirituality and coaching)
  • Juan Vera – Chile (organisational development and coaching)
  • Laura Estil.las – Essential Coach. Competencial trainer.
  • Letizia di Bartolomeo – Italy-Spain. Consultancy in organisational development. Trainer of trainers. Trainer and coach.
  • Mario Saban. Experto y profesor de mística judía (Cabalá).
  • Miriam Subirana.  Appreciative Coaching. PCC, ICF (meditation development through art)
  • Oscar Rodríguez, President of the European Association on Systemic Consultancy (systemic coaching)
  • Patrick Baneton. Essential Coach (Spain and Belgium)
  • Pedro Flores, Chile (entrepreneurship, emotional education in pedagogy and companies)
  • Rogelio Esteban Giraudo –  New Millennium Consulting Group, Argentina (strategy in organisations)
  • Ricard Rotllan.  Master in Buddhism and yoga. (Grand Master, completely dedicated to cultivating an altruistic and wise mind, is a profound knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and how to apply it to live fully, either in their meditation classes, yoga or Buddhist philosophy. He was a Buddhist monk completely ordered by the Dalai Lama.)
  • Sandra Donadeu.  Essential Coach, ACC, ICF (Mallorca)
  • Tomás Álvarez, Madrid (coaching and personal development)
  • Tomás Juste. Essential Coach PCC, ICF. Configuraciones Sistémicas Eneagramáticas (by Cris Bolívar y Tomás Juste). Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation – ICF -, Master in Conflict Resolution, Master in NLP the «Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming» in Bangalore (India). Structural Constellations formed by Geiser (Sabine Klenke) and Essential Coach by Essential Institute. Introduction to the Enneagram  by Essential Institute. Fruit of his professional experience since 2004 and will promote processes optimization of human resources, is currently devoting his professional life to coaching, facilitation organizations and constellations.
  • Viviane Launer. Coach MCC, ICF (coaching)
  • Xavier Guix (coaching)