What we do: Essential Institute services and areas of action

At Essential Institute we work on transformation by supporting self-realisation and growth processes, applying philosophy, psychology and wisdom accumulated after years of knowledge and experience. Our scope of action covers personal, organisational and social transformation, offering different services and products, taking into account the specific needs of each age group and sector.[list type=»arrow2″]



From our Essentiality standpoint, our focus is to facilitate people’s reconnection with the essence, through the integration of the completeness of their Being (personal, social or organisational). So we’ve created spaces where we promote and facilitate tools and activities to connect and integrate harmoniously with the path of reason, conscious awareness and intuition — where we connect with the experience to be transformed by it, thus generating wisdom. SabiaMente thus connects the ConscienteMente y ArtísticaMente spaces.

That path to Wisdom is a path of love — for oneself and for life. A path without fear. A path of thanks. A path of humility and confidence. A path to authenticity, essentially, totality. A path to clarity and light.

Cris Bolívar, El Camino de retorno a la Esencia

Marcas y ámbitos en los que trabaja Essential Institute.

Trades and fields Essential Institute works.


Outline of the action areas and the services offered for each transformation.

Personal Transformation
The path to growth
  • Essential Coaching
  • Essential Training
  • Lectures
Organisational Transformation
Wisdom in business
  • Essential Coaching
  • Essential Consulting
  • Essential Training
  • Coaching Culture
  • Outplacement
  • Wise Organisations
Social Transformation
A wise and healthy society
  • Essential Consulting
  • Essential Training
  • Patronage


Essential Investigation

See Essential Research

At Essential Institute we research to generate knowledge applied to Essentiality.



A space open to debate, reflection, and experience in feeling and living with consciousness and wisdom.


A space for creativity and developing generative intuition.



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