At Essential Institute we guide personal transformation processes for developing potential through:

Essential Coaching, seminars, workshops and the SabiaMente space, among other activities and services.


How can we help you?

  • Recovery of plasticity and effective responses to the environment and oneself.
  • Development of wisdom (harmonious integration of intuition and reason).
  • Development potential, of own abilities and talent.
  • Development of emotional competencies, for better management of the relationship with oneself and with others.
  • Conscious, healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships, whether with family, at work, etc.
  • Management of self-motivation, passion and intent.
  • Facilitation of equanimity instead of living from stress, worry and fear.
  • Decision-making processes more aligned with internal meaning and wisdom.
  • Optimising time management to enter into flow and greater efficiency without suffering from the effort.
  • Increase self-leadership and leadership of others.
  • Increase resilience to change situations and crises.
  • Adaptation and integration.
  • Understanding and expanding vision of the environment.
  • Living without fear.
  • Finding one’s mission and meaning in life.
  • Living in greater freedom and self-determination from assertiveness and personal autonomy.


Areas where we also intervene for personal transformation

  • Couples
  • Family
  • Teens




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